Entry #1

Hey Hey!

2015-02-13 00:09:08 by Skatoonist

Hey there!~ My name is Japes and I like watching cartoons and drawing, 

I hope I can transcend mediocrioty and better myself in the magical art of bringing cartoons to life.

Im currently trying to produce my own show We Are Witches, a story about six spellcasters on a quest to be utter bad-asses. 

And also do some silly voices here and there!~

Anyways I hope to meet all you super talented folks out there, and I'd love to bask in each and one of you's wisdom, glory and learn a thing or too if that's cool


- Japes (Jean Paul "Skatoonist")


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2015-02-13 03:17:12

wow you are wiches and im a necromancer well get along pretty well >.o

Skatoonist responds: